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Online Giving

We appreciate any and all that are interested in donating to the ministry or partnering with us to take Onebody forward. Everything costs. And the funds that come in allow us to pay our hosting and web fees, as well as develop more content. We don’t believe in using guilt or threats to get people to give. So if you feel like you should give, please do. It is greatly appreciated.

The one reason we do encourage people to give is that it allows us to both continue to provide the content we are, and it offers us the opportunity to retrieve more resources to help our members. Additional funds allow us to bring in guest speakers and experts in various fields to help our different purpose groups. It allows us to acquire equipment and materials for our short films and projects. It also will allow us to provide professional services for our members to help them succeed in their chosen fields.

Anyone who gives truly takes part in the good work being done here, and can justly take credit for the good that transpires. So for that we do say, help us help you, and help each other. That is truly the spirit of Unity and Cynergy. We thank you for your gifts, and pray that God richly rewards you for them.

All donations are tax deductible. And a record of giving will be dispersed at the beginning of the year.