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September 30th

Take a peek at one of our first short films, and connect with us to see how you can be involved in the next project starting soon.

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A number of great businesses are connecting with Onebody. How can we help you?

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The Gap

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We've started pre-production on our next short film. If you would like to see our last short, or volunteer to work on the next film, click here.

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A SHIFTING ERA OF UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS This year’s seniors have been reminded again and again by the news media, demographers and others of just how competitive the college process will be for them for the last four years. Among the largest cohorts of “echo boomers” set to graduate from highschool (3.35 million), predictions all pointed towards the number that is uniquely examples of an argumentative essay high of become submitted by the class of 2009. This trend naturally leads to heightened selectivity at universities through the entire country – A good problem if you’re a seventeen year-old with argumentative essay examples your eyes on your dream college if you are a college trying to boost your profile of admitted students, but not so good. Many of our seniors have actually invested the months prior to the finish of March in the edge of their seats looking forward to choices to be passed down by their first option colleges. However, what number of them understand is that soon the tables are going to be turned while the suspense is in the shoulders of college admission deans throughout the country.

As soon since the hard work of finalizing admission decisions has determined, letters are finalized and slipped in to the mail or posted on the net. Then your thesis statement examples for argumentative essay efforts of the admission that is entire change to “yielding” students, or tirelessly working to persuade our seniors which they should accept the admission offer and go argumentative essay examples for spm to that college. Schools hold “visit days,” call students in the home, or even assembled attractive packages that are financial entice students. (more…)

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Finding Your Place

Current Group - First Things First

Personality assessments....helpful or restrictive?
FTF has posted links to several respected personality and spiritual gift assessments. Take some, and look over their questions and comments on how these can help you maximize your strengths.



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I enjoy worshipping with others

This is where I serve God

I learned it?s value from my parents

To appease a loved one

I?m trying to change my life

There I feel a sense of community


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