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Business Center

One of the primary focuses of Onebody is networking to help each of us do better in our chosen field. Inline with that we will have an increasing number of resources available to members as Onebody grows, and a group of product and service providers that we connect with.

    Connected Businesses

Here we will list a number of businesses that are owned or managed by our members, or by people we are connected with. As much as possible we will list some of the services they offer, hoping that it will help you connect with someone or something else that you need.

Consuming Fire Incorporated
Owner: Stephen Blackmon
Service Offered: Marketing, Design Work, Websites, Book Publishing
Message: We help people launch their businesses, organizations, events and books in excellence. We provide the business and technical expertise to help your event, organization or book succeed and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Networking Opportunities

We will host a number of events and opportunities for people to come together as the organization grows. Check back soon for information on our first event.

Entrepreneurial Tips

We will also begin posting business tips and strategies for walking into and succeeding in your calling very soon. Keep an eye out.