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Did you see that? – movie reviews


Being a true fan of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series and Inception I had high hopes for Interstellar. And as a reader of some hard core sci-fi I was ready to go deep with the film. But after sitting through the 3 hour film I was frustrated. I wasn’t frustrated by Matthew McConaughey’s performance. As expected he did very well. The acting was fine. The effects were fine. The ending, though unsatisfying, wasn’t entirely unexpected as I knew I was there to see hard core sci-fi. The primary place I found the movie lacking was in an alarmingly massive fault pervasive in the scientific community: complete and unwavering devotion to the worship of our own intellect. Now I come across arrogance a lot. That’s not surprising. Hey, we all have faults. The only reason it was really frustrating in this sense was that Nolan had built a film that managed to tell a pretty grand tale without the need for corny, cheesy unrealistic materials. In any sci-fi there is going to be some suspension of disbelief. That’s par for the course. You want to tell me that a person can fall into a black hole without being crushed by the gravity…fine. You’re telling me a movie about what you think happens in a black hole. Ok. You want to talk about mile high waves….cool. You want to say that humans are going to go out into the galaxy and universe and populate other worlds….I’m with you. But I am just boggled by so many scientists’ die-hard belief that we are the smartest things that have ever lived, and more so, the only intelligent creatures that have ever lived. My issue with Nolan’s Interstellar is not what he put inside the black hole, but that he has his main character determine (without any proof within the film) that what was built within the black hole still could have only come from the mind of man. The rest of the film was ok; unsatisfying but ok. It took us on a journey, but just a little humility could have taken that journey much further.