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In conjunction with our core belief that the Body grows stronger when we appreciate and celebrate each other, we intentionally derive our methods of worship from many different styles and denominations, as well as different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and genres. And our experience is the richer for it. Come and see. There is room for everyone.

We will also post the work of many artists that do not classify themselves as Christians. We believe in letting a piece of art stand by itself, and not trying to invalidate its beauty based on some other work that the artist has created, or some rumor or belief about the artist’s life or lifestyle. If we were only meant to enjoy and draw from “perfect” people, or people with whom we share every single belief, then no one’s work would stand, whether they claim to be Christian or not. Being considered a “Christian” artist does not justify or sanctify you any more than changing your clothes.
Whether or not we post music or art will be determined by how beautiful and how useful we find that specific piece’s message to be.

This Week’s Worship:

This week we have a second song; a profoundly accurate expression of what God truly wants from us:

Here’s another great one: